Invisible Pursuit

Elizabeth Meyette

Layla Forrester was left at the altar in a previous relationship, and now she is afraid to fall in love with anyone ever again. But when she receives a letter at her workplace with a white chemical substance in it, first responder, Jack Trenton, enters her life and completely upends it. When things begin to unfold, Layla learns that she may have a stalker, and Jack will stop at nothing to protect her. As Layla and Jack begin to spend more time with one another, she tries her best to keep her feelings for him at bay. After all, the danger surrounding her is increasing at a rapid rate, and she is also taking care of her ailing father. Matters of the heart should wait, shouldn’t they?

“Invisible Pursuit” is an enemies-to-lovers romance that is very engaging and easy to read. The character development is done well and the familial relationship between Layla and her father will pull at readers heartstrings. While the story is written well, readers may be left wanting a little more history of Layla’s past. Her former relationship is mentioned, but it could have been explored a little bit more to gain more understanding of Layla and the reasons behind her actions. With that being said, her love interest, Jack, checked all the boxes for a great romantic partner. There are some romantic scenes in the book, but they are generally kept behind closed doors. “Invisible Pursuit” is definitely for readers who love suspenseful thrillers with a little bit of spice thrown in.

Jennifer Shepherd