The Innocents (A Bruno Johnson Thriller)


When it rains, it pours, and no one knows this better than Bruno Johnson.  On his first day on the job with the L.A. County Sheriff Violence Crimes detective unit, he finds out he is a father, when his ex-girlfriend hands him the baby girl she claims he fathered. While working a deep undercover operation, he starts to think he has been played. In a race between himself and the bad guys, he alone will have to puzzle out who can be trusted, and do so before anyone else gets hurt — especially his new family.

In the midst of the story, if readers can just stick it out past this lengthy set-up of characters and world building details, they will be in for a fast-paced thrilling adventure. Otherwise, "The Innocents” is a wonderful roller-coaster ride, full of twists and turns on every page that will keep readers holding their breaths to the very end!  Fans of character-driven thrillers will truly enjoy the multi-faceted characters that make up this '80's placed thriller.  One will find themselves definitely wanting to read about previous adventures of Bruno Johnson and hoping for more to come.  

MB Rose