Inescapable (The Beginning)

Madge H.

Darcey and Brad are in a fairly new relationship, but they are both positive that each is “The One.” Brad’s job is classified, so he can’t say much, and when the underwater dome he helped design is sabotaged he has to leave and can’t tell her why. Weeks go by without a word, so she decides to find him.  Darcey finds herself in the middle of a nightmare - with no memory, and being sold by human traffickers.

It was exciting to see a science fiction romance; there are not enough of them being written. Unfortunately, this one falls short in so many ways that the storyline gets completely lost amidst so many issues. It jumps chronologically; there are flashbacks of events that happened during the setting of the story – instead of having previous chapters - and the chapter headings are confusing, making the reader figure out that it’s based on the Prologue and not the previous chapter. The tale starts out in first person, and then goes to third person in the next few chapters, but then every chapter becomes mixed first and third in flip-flopping paragraphs: everything Darcey says and does is first person, and everyone else is third. The setting isn’t logical; there’s nowhere 6,000 below sea level off the coast of Peru, and no one would build an underwater dome in a subduction zone. Brad travels the world to find Darcey, then spends time playing on a ranch, not fighting to see her, and doesn’t stick around to help her regain her memory. It ends on a cliffhanger. This is a great storyline, and reworked would be a phenomenal book. 

Julie York