Illegal Holdings (Valentin Vermeulen #3)


Valentin Vermeulen UN fraud investigator is on a new case in Maputo, Mozambique. His current case involves a small organization that looks like it has misappropriated millions. Upon further inspection, it seems like the institution is innocent and is pointing in the direction of a more substantial corporation that has something to hide. The more suspicious Vermeulen gets, the more danger that arises. He is soon running for his life under the threat of losing his job. Not easily dissuaded, Valentin keeps on the case, knowing he is on the brink of unveiling severe corruption. With help from his girlfriend, they race against the clock to uncover the truth. He quickly learns there are people in high places with insidious intentions that will stop at nothing to further their villainous agenda.

“Illegal Holdings” is an intriguing suspense that keeps one engaged, with an intricately woven web of a plot that will keep the reader guessing. Valentin Vermeulen is a flawed character that some may find interesting. Vermeulen is nicely complemented by great supporting roles that add delectable depth to the story. The exotic setting of Africa paired with intense action is enjoyable. The beginning of the story starts out with a lot of political bureaucracy that is quite boring. The main character could be more interesting. There needs to be more backstory about the location — it does not make sense if readers are not familiar with the history of Maputo. Exotic settings and intriguing suspense  will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Jessica Samuelsen