Hunt for Evil (ICE #1)


The International Clandestine Enterprise (ICE) has found two agents they want to recruit.  Olivia Hamilton is an M16 agent; Logan Rodgers is a Navy SEAL.  Both had a tense run-in on a mission that went south, and ICE wants them to infiltrate an ISIS kidnapping ring to get to a terrorist known as al-Ulmari.  Several months of posing as a married couple adds steam to their relationship that neither thought was possible.  When Olivia is the next person kidnapped, Logan must get to her before they lose both their humanity and each other.

This book will have readers on the edge of their seats! "Hunt for Evil" has spies, intrigue, love, and blood-curdling international kidnappings. Ms. Jarecki has a great talent for bringing an international issue to the forefront in her novels.  She writes with an eye for detail and intrigue that keeps the readers turning pages.  Logan and Olivia are not only fighting to save the girls in this kidnapping ring, but their own personal demons as well.  The characters are rich in their development throughout the entire story.  They make a complete transformation, yet still hang on to their edge as spies for ICE.  These subplots are fully developed, yet the main plot of al-Umari is not quite finished. "Hunt for Evil" is impossible to put down, leaving the reader waiting impatiently for the next book in the series!

Laura Dinsdale