A Hero’s Heart


DEA agent Jarrett Brandt returns home to visit his twin brother's grave. Ten years have passed since he left - as a rebel teenager hooked on cocaine - and guilt still hangs heavy around his neck. Marissa Reinn Brandt, the love of Jarretts life, married his twin and is now raising a son on her own. When Jarrett and Marissa see each other again, history is waiting to create a future, but a million-dollar hit on his head keeps him in the shadows.

Thrillers are one of the most difficult sub-genres to write. An author has to research and spear a new creative idea in order to hold a reader. A Heros Hearthas an intriguing launch then takes a dive into the been there, done thatrealm. As important as plot, basic writing mechanics are imperative. Starting three sentences in a row with hetells the reader the manuscript is not polished. A sex scene that reads hethen shethen heetc, doesnt offer enough depth. Character dialogue, primarily with Marissas son, is confusing with the seven-year-old speaking like an adult. The dialogue from other characters didnt flow with realism, and seemed one dimensional. Some descriptive prose will leave a reader scratching their heads.

Ms. Daulton begins this story with a gripping scene riveting a reader. This is the essence of good suspense writing. Add a couple story hooks, spit, sweat, polish and this will be a page turner. 

Natasza Waters