Heaven’s Door


HISTORICAL:  "Heaven’s Door" is a true crime story based on the “Topdogs” motorcycle club and the events that happened in Canada, New York and Vermont in the 1990’s. As crimes started adding up around the area, a Motorcycle Gang Task Force was born to try and infiltrate the gangs and see what crimes they were leaving in their wake. Trooper Bruce Sutton was an undercover cop on that task force, and his brutal murder at the hands of two gang members is where this story begins. In the aftermath of Trooper Sutton’s death, we follow Erin’s story. Erin is an acquaintance of Sutton’s, and readers will follow her journey of hope turned to fear and her downward spiral into gang life.

“Heaven’s Door” is a heart-stopping tale of good versus evil. Readers should note that this novel begins with grotesque physical violence leading to Trooper Sutton’s murder. It also has sexual and domestic violence, drug use and foul language. It’s not a story for the faint of heart. Erin’s is a classic case of “in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Readers may find the language used to be difficult to decipher as the author goes from English to French and back again. While this was intentional on the author’s and editor’s parts, readers will need to be aware of this. Overall, this was an interesting, albeit violent, tale of the inner workings of the Topdogs gang and the lengths to which they will go to protect one another and the gang.  

Alison Ellis