He is Watching


Julie Roy has a stalker who makes it clear that he is still actively stalking her. Pictures of the inside of Julie’s apartment finally push her over the edge, and she leaves town, terrified of being found no matter where she goes. After withdrawals of cash to avoid being traced, Julie drives to a small town in Vermont. The locals are friendly and provide Julie with the solace she needs from her city stalker. Joe, one of the locals, attempts to provide friendship to the visitor. He even offers to help her hide from the mysterious stalker that Julie is convinced has found her, leaving her cornered and scared. 

“He is Watching” grabs readers’ attention from the beginning with Julie’s mad dash to get out of town. However, the movement slows quickly when Julie improbably returns to her apartment alone after she receives stalker pictures from the inside of her apartment. The pacing speeds up again once Julie is on the road. The edgy, fast-paced, and mystery-filled scenes will have readers strapped in for a moving story. The jolt of Julie’s choice to eventually live with a stranger, though, makes the story somewhat unbelievable. Can Julie truly be that ridiculously naïve? The added touch of a paranormal moment brings intrigue to the story, but not learning more about the ghost is a letdown. The small-town romance may have been okay on its own without the stalker storyline. “He is Watching” incites readers to consider what they would do if a stalker sent them pictures?

Moira Wolf