He Loves Me Not (Suspicious Circumstances - Book 2)

Morgan K.

Sometimes the ones we love the most are the ones who harm us the most. This statement rings true for Mina Wylin - young, beautiful, and the sole heir to an aeronautic fortune. After her family's sudden death, she devotes herself to being an obedient wife. Deeply in love with her austere husband, dutiful to his every need and whim, she is shocked to find herself plummeting off the side of cliff during an early morning drive along the coast. Discovered by a reclusive woman and her brother, Mina struggles to put the pieces of her shattered memory together before her homicidal husband finds out she has survived his murder plot. Time is not on her side as factors spin out of control threatening to uncover her secret before she is ready to enact her revenge. 

Marital submission. Immersion in a religious cult. Murderous and adulterous spouses. Domestic violence. Each of these topics could be the seed for a novel; however, all of them were contained in this one. The initial chapter was riveting. Envisioning her fall over the cliff into the ocean grabbed the reader's attention and desire to find her justice. The subsequent storylines muddied the waters confusing the reader with too many strands to piece the puzzle together.  The relationship between Mina and the siblings was endearing. It helped reenergize the story, reinvesting the reader into the story. The number of ideas slowed one's progress through story, but the ending was a pleasant surprise. 

Amy Willis