On Hallowed Ground: Book 2 in the Grounded Series


WESTERN:  Fallon Youngblood, lives on a reservation in Arizona. She’s been busy lately with a bunch of college kids that keep showing up and digging holes all over her sacred homeland. Rumor has it there is buried treasure. Fallon was taught by her grandfather how to make it right with the land and remove the negativity by building medicine wheels. Fallon is unique in her love of the land. Noah has been sent out to investigate a recent death of a student, he’s a Tribal Liaison from Phoenix. He needs to work with Fallon to find out more about the suspicious death. Noah believes Fallon is a person of interest in the case. Can they solve the crimes and arrest the true villain? Will hearts be broken?

“On Hallowed Ground” is an amazing, suspenseful story with old-world native American rituals mixed with new-world situations. Fallon is a well-developed character throughout the story and readers will love her mixed heritage and especially her moxie! Fallon is the target of much harm and her injuries seem more than one woman can possibly endure, but with rest and her grandfather’s healing, she prevails. Her passion for her people oozes from the pages, and readers will appreciate the Apache lifestyle detailed in this book. The supporting characters lend much to the overall originality of this story, and the twists and turns are never ending. This is part of a series but stands on its own merits. A wonderful read!

Viola Robins