Rosemary Kubli

Sienna Ricci is determined to steal antiques from Jonathan Woodward. While she is good at what she does and is good when it comes to seduction and hiding in plain sight, she finds herself in an interesting situation because Jonathan is not all that he seems. As she works her way towards her goal, the passion between them becomes too much to resist, and her cover of Marie Lacroix is in danger of being revealed. If she is caught, she risks losing more than the money that the prize can bring. Can Sienna keep her head in the game long enough to get the job done? Or has she bitten off more than she can chew when it comes to her charming and irresistible target? Only time will tell.

“Gullible” has two awesome characters who have their own secrets. This is a wild ride, with the plot moving briskly as Sienna works towards her goal and Jonathan risks losing a fair few of his antiques. Throughout the book there is a thrilling aspect which makes it a real page turner. Some aspects could move a little quicker but to be honest, they don’t take away from the overall story, and readers will love the interaction between Sienna and Jonathan. For fans of suspense and thrillers, whether to read this story is a no brainer. Rosemary Kubli has done a great job bringing the plot and characters to life. Without a doubt, this is a great book with great character development and an interesting concept. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick