Glimpse, The Tender Killer (Deadly Glimpses #3)

Stephen B

Patricia Holmes, a rookie detective, partners with hard-bitten Rick McCoy to find a serial killer who leaves behind Biblical messages – warnings for sinners. They like each other, and with failed marriages, it is only natural that they would have an affair. After a lot of legwork, interviews, and frustrating speculation to get a positive lead, they are certain the killer is meeting his women through an online dating service, and a trap is set. Another murder and another message, with no evidence to help the investigation. A second killer? The Superintendent is not happy at the lack of progress to secure an arrest, and pressure mounts on everybody involved. In a climatic twist, Pat is accused of murdering her husband, which leads to … well, an interesting ending.

Avid readers of crime fiction will enjoy “Glimpse, The Tender Killer”. Stephen B King gives readers a lot to like: murders, a stalled investigation, simmering romance, office politics, and an informative window into police procedures. Regrettably, the book suffers from lack of drama, suspense, or nail-biting anticipation. Patricia Holmes comes across as a very believable character with whom readers will relate, but Rick McCoy fails to live up to his image of a tough cop able to handle any bad guy he meets. Thorough proofreading would have helped polish the book. Nevertheless, “Glimpse, The Tender Killer”, Stephen B King’s third book in the series, offers readers of crime an entertaining foray into the genre.

Paul Brenner