Glimpse, The Beautiful Deaths (Deadly Glimpses Book 2)

Stephen B

While a family is vacationing at Karingily National Park, a dead teenage girl is found in the caves. Detective Rick McCoy and his partner Tyler are called in by the police to figure out who killed the girl. As Rick and Tyler search the caves, six more bodies of teenage girls are found. Rick knows who can help him get into the mind of the killer, criminal psychologist Pat Holmes. Unfortunately, Rick has deep feelings for Pat, and he knows this will put even more strain on his failing marriage. Still, Rick calls Pat in for help. As Rick and Pat delve deeper into the mystery of these young girls’ deaths, time is running out. The killer could strike again at any moment. Can Rick, Tyler and Pat stop the killer before it’s too late?

A beautifully told mystery story that manages to maintain a sense of heightened suspense! Numerous twists and turns build anticipation and keep readers immersed in the heat of the action. Unfortunately, the story moves a little slowly, tending to drag at times. It does, however, manage to keep some focus. Since this is a series, the first book ought to be read first in order to not only understand the characters but for the prologue to make sense. Read as a standalone, “Glimpse” may confuse readers somewhat. The shifting points of view between Rick, Pat and the killer add to the confusion at first, but eventually this evens out. All in all, the story isn’t very difficult to understand and does make for a nice read.

Roslynn Ernst