The Girl with the Iron Wing (Broken Veil Book 1)


PARANORMAL: The Black Death should have destroyed humanity. Instead, the fey races across the Veil into the human world and saved them. Now hundreds of years later, something new is attacking the fey, an iron drug that poisons and kills in a new way. Aisling Dannan has seen it all as a detective for the LAPD, but when a winged fey is killed by the new poison and the killer leaves a message for Aisling specifically, she finds herself trying to unravel secrets reaching further than any case she’s ever investigated before. Teaming up with a super spook with too many badges and names to count, Aisling must hurry to hunt down the source of the poisoning before the entire fey population is destroyed.

A mixture of mystery, suspense, urban fantasy, and spy thriller, “The Girl with the Iron Wing” involves non stop action with a hint of desire, and a ton of conspiracy. The story begins reading like a fantasy police procedural but becomes so entwined with secret organizations/mobs and gangs that it quickly becomes more of a spy thriller. As a result, the plot threads can be slightly confusing at times as it seems there are so many secrets and targets to investigate that it isn’t always clear what is being investigated and what is kept secret. The ending has a cliffhanger feel to it, even though part of the mystery is resolved in this book. However, fans of urban fantasy and spy thrillers will find plenty of action, interesting characters, and an exciting world to explore in this first book and will undoubtedly look forward to book 2!

Sarah E. Bradley