Garrison’s Creed (Titan #2)


Cash Garrison works for the black ops organization, the Titan Group, as a sniper. Ten years ago, he buried his friend and lover, Nicola. Staring through the scope of his sniper rifle at his intended target, he spies a woman who looks just like his dead girlfriend. It can’t be her...he stood next to her family when she was buried!  If it is her, why is she hanging all over the man he is planning on taking out? How can it be?  


Having failed in her mission to bring down mobster Attila Smooth, CIA agent Nicola must escape with her life. Failure is not an option, and running from the situation to regroup and reassess is a must. Making a run for the woods surrounding the compound, Nicola runs smack dab into Cash. Cash and his team make their escape and Nicola will have to explain who and what she has become. Can she explain her reasons for disappearing to her family, and Cash? Will Cash be able to accept her new role as an agent for the CIA, and can they find the love the once shared...again?


Wow, what a ride! Ms. Harber does an outstanding job of making the second book in the Titan series a solid stand alone (This reader didn’t even realize this was #2). Not only that, but her characters come to vivid life, fascinating the reader from the very first word. Cash and Nicola’s characters are both alpha, but Cash’s love shines through and Nicola is still feminine and tough. This story is absolutely gripping and intense, so sit down and enjoy the fast paced ride!


Tonya Smalley