Fox Hunt (The Femme Vendettas #1)


Stunt man and adrenaline junkie, Brian Chanse takes a risk when he picks up a petite woman hitchhiker on his drive back to Hollywood, California. Like a scene out of a movie his life is forever changed.  Delta Fox, a professional thief and reclamation expert, is trying to clear her name of a crime she didn’t commit.  Yakuza crime lord, Matsuda, hires assassin Kannon Takahama to kill Delta and seek revenge for the murder of his son. Brian gets more than he bargained for when he falls in love with her. Tracking down the real killer has all cards on the table and Delta has nothing to lose...except her heart.

 Action packed with a dry sense of humor and a few good one-liners that eases the intensity, this story is easy to get caught up in. Delta is elusive and apprehensive. She takes a little while to warm up to Brian but once that fire is lit, it burns. Brian is an all-around nice guy who just happens to get caught up in the situation. As a stunt man this action is right up his alley. Even at times seeming to take everything in stride considering the situations he finds himself in - the reader will definitely be won over by Brian! There is quite a cast of characters that have their own selfish agenda and as the story progresses it begins to peel away layers as one starts to really get to know them.  It’s an intricate plot packed with excitement!  “A Fox hunt” is exactly what one gets when  a stunt man is thrown together with a professional thief. Fasten your seat belt, it is one heck of ride!


Margaret Faria