Anna hasn’t been to a bar in ages, but is lonely and needs some adult company. She sees Steve alone at the end of the bar and decides to sit by him, hoping to have a pleasant conversation with him. As they talk, Anna finds herself drawn to this complicated man with so many demons haunting him.

A year ago Steve had almost strangled his fiancée because he thought she was an Al-Qaida soldier. Now all he wants to do is forget everything he has gone through in the war, drowning it all with alcohol and pain killers. He doesn’t want or need anyone or anything in his life right now. Then the persistent Anna shows up in his life and quietly accepts him. When Anna is kidnapped because of him, he calls in all his cards to try to rescue her.


With this intriguing story readers are deftly reminded that change can only come from inside oneself. By accepting Steve as he is, Anna helps him to accept himself and to slowly deal with his problems. Then Hammarblad ups the story and it suddenly becomes a fast-paced thriller as Steve tries to rescue Ana. It is a little confusing and the reader is never quite sure what Steve is involved with and why, but  the ride is worth the wait!  It  ends up a perfect blend of everyday life with adventure and intrigue!


Rose Mary Espinoza