Flaming Crimes (Disaster Crimes Book 4)


Beth and Donovan have had previous life-threatening adventures, which have brought them to the point of finally being a happily married couple planning to expand their family. Beth helplessly watches her husband’s terrible crash when Donovan’s monster truck suddenly loses control at a public event show. Investigators soon realize that someone tampered with his truck and their newest adventure begins. Threatening notes, surprises in their mailbox, and gifts left at work are only a few of the shocking events the couple must face together. Adding to their problems, their home is in danger from wildfire. Will they survive their stalker and the fire or will everyone and everything they have come to love be reduced to ashes? 

“Flaming Crimes” is the fourth book of the Disaster Crimes series. Although it can be read as a standalone and the author mentions the exploits from the previous books when referring to the couple’s past, it may feel as though the reader is missing vital information if the previous books have not already been read. The natural disaster of wildfires is captured vividly while focusing on the aftermath and devastation caused by such catastrophe.  The book is full of action, suspense, and adventure. The main characters are both strong, yet they also show their flaws which make them come to life. The antagonist is a shady character who could have been given a more descriptive characterization. Readers who enjoy action-packed, tension-filled themes will definitely enjoy this novel!

Tina Donovan