Fated Love


Artist and gallery owner Sara Cameron has had some hard knocks in life.  The recent death of her family is only compounded by losing her gallery to a suspicious fire.  Memphis arson investigator Jake Riordan has seen a lot in all his years, but his sudden attraction to Sara has him baffled.  When Sara discovers she suddenly has a stalker, Jake is compelled to protect her.  But who is he really protecting her from?  Can a trip New Orleans help keep her safe or will it reveal other mysteries that involve both their lives?  Will fate be instrumental once again in their paths crossing?


A hauntingly mysterious tour of the south, “Fated Love” is a contemporary romantic suspense.  Readers will find Sara an independent young adult with a tortured soul who makes some strange choices.  Jake is a ruggedly handsome older man who takes his job seriously but has a past that haunts him, which also leads to some questionable actions.  This original story has a smooth arc but there are several copy editing issues such as missing words, misplaced punctuation and a pivotal character, Professor Reston, is miscalled as Professor Riordan.  Additionally, the mature moments in this story may leave readers questioning the believability of this encounter in regard to the timing given the amount of time Sara and Jake spent together leading up to their moment.  Readers will not see the paranormal influence coming. 


Jordyn Teel