Exposed (Circle of the Red Lily 1)

Anna J.
Riley Temple, granddaughter to an old Hollywood actress Moxie Temple, share living quarters in one of the apartments that make up the famous ‘Temple House’ in Hollywood. Working part time as paparazzi in Los Angeles has gained Riley a bit of a reputation. Her grandfather taught her all she knows about cameras and photography, and her own dark room is her solace. She collects old film canisters, and a certain set has recently brought trouble to her and her family. When a Homicide Detective alerts Riley to a crime, her safe haven is turned upside down. Can law enforcement prove their worth or will Riley have to take this head on by herself? Can ‘DSP’ (Detective Sexy Pants) earn her trust and find justice for a woman who was taken and mistreated?
Old Hollywood collides with the new; secrets reveal a very dark side to Tinseltown. Riley, the heroine in this book, has an empathetic demeanor and shows great loyalty to those who have earned it. Her career choice pays the bills, even when it’s not always seen in a professional light. The dark subject matter is creative and the plot has an easy flow. Although there are loose ends and questions still remain, hopefully this series continues and unfolds the mysterious cult-type murders. The supporting characters are a treat and laugh out loud funny. ‘DSP’ is the perfect gentleman and hero who lands a great match in Riley. Ms. Stewart has a jaw dropping intense murder mystery in “Exposed” that will draw readers in who are attracted to this genre.
Viola Robbins