Everything But The Face

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Dee Wells can’t figure out what’s wrong.  All around her are faceless beings with black blobs for eyes.  All she recognizes are voices.  She has witnessed a murder, and her boyfriend is dead.  She saw his assailant, but can’t identify him because she can’t see his face!  Dee is an artist and owns an art gallery in New York City where she has made her living drawing and interpreting the faces around her, but not anymore.  

Dee finds a doctor who identifies her illness, but is told there is no known cure.  The police try to solve the murder, but she cannot help them, as she can’t identify anyone and she’s not sure whom she can trust.  Even Dee’s relationship with her boyfriend is not all it seems.  Her sister and her boyfriend’s brother are her only lifelines.  The murderer knows about her affliction and threatens her to keep her quiet.  Dee does not know who he is or what he wants, and becomes paranoid about people, never sure if someone is friend or foe.

JC Marino threads a thrilling story!  He writes with suspense and intrigue as the story line twists and turns and the reader roots for Dee to come to her senses and find her way out of this terrible nightmare.  A 5 star contender if the plot hadn’t stalled in the middle, as Dee puts together the various clues. Still, the author weaves a great tale of murder, betrayal, robbery and romance, then deftly ties it up neatly with a climatic ending.

Victoria Z. Burg