Every Silent Thing


Triplets Claire, Megan, and Boyd, are adopted and raised by the Deveraux’s, Sidney and Annika. Claire is deaf but working hard in the U.S. Embassy in Paris, and witnesses the murder of a woman in the Louvre while receiving a flash drive and strange set of code words, L’homme Champagne Trois. Meanwhile in Texas, her sister, Megan, witnesses the murder of her boyfriend, Randy, who was part of a diamond heist and steals the diamonds from his cohorts to avenge his murder. Claire is hunted by the Louvre killer while Megan is hunted down by the El Grande Cartel, the original owner of the diamonds. Will Claire be able to solve the codewords and stay alive? Will Megan be able to keep out of the hands of the cartel, or will she lose her family for the trivial diamonds?

A terrific crime thriller with exhilarating twists and turns including wild child behavior, murder, and international exploration, high crime and more! The characters leap to life in the pages, and the ways in which each triplet deals with the situations presented to them is intoxicating to read and hard to step away from. Claire, while deaf and shy, is a strong female character who knows how to take care of herself in every situation. Mistaken identity between the twin girls is humorous, fun, and laughable. The path Megan takes to becoming a nun is an interesting twist in the plot as well. The death of Claire’s friend and coworker, Barbara Mason, is a surprising spin as well, and reading the inspector suspected her in the death is horrifying. All in all, a wonderfully riveting tale with family issues, danger, murder, and plenty of past secrets! 

Amy Rubottom