Susan Jean

In “Evasion”, Remi is married to Dr. Marshall Wagner, but her marriage is far from perfect. Outsiders might think she has a perfect life, but her own husband is enjoying forbidden sexual pleasures elsewhere. 

Remi is naïve, very much so, even when it comes to her own relationship. Having lived a sheltered life, she remains oblivious even to the secrets her husband is keeping, or to the fact her husband is being blackmailed. But when Remi is abducted by someone threatening her husband, she will have to embrace her own survival skills, and rely on the instincts inherited from her ancestors if she wants to survive. 

This is a suspenseful read, with secrets being uncovered on just about every page, and the reader being drawn into the story from the start. Remi’s character develops from being naïve, almost childlike, into a young woman whose determination to survive knows no bounds. Remi’s character is balanced by Marshall who is despicable and has little to no redeeming qualities. The more the reader finds out about him, the easier it becomes to loathe him and cheer for justice for Remi who, although naïve and flawed too, truly deserves better. One downside is that the book is very short. At 51 pages on Kindle, it can scarcely be called a novella, and it lingers more between a novelette and a short story. 

Majanka Verstraete