Escaping Ryan (Genoa Mafia Series Book 2)


Valentina Caponelli fled Chicago for a new life in Wisconsin to escape the clutches of her Mafia family. She joins her brother and his new wife in the small town of Lake Genoa hoping to find the same happiness as the newlywed couple. Ryan Donovan is a by-the-book cop in the small town. They share a past with some powerful unresolved feelings. However, resolution may have to wait.  There is a killer in Lake Genoa and he has Valentina in his sights. Ryan races against time to stop the killer and save his Mafia Princess.

Ms. Ring has served up a delicious second book in her “Genoa Mafia” series.  This romantic thriller contains just the right amount of sizzle and mystery to keep the reader turning the pages from beginning to end. At times, the tension between Valentina and Ryan is manufactured, relying on a couple of tired tropes at the beginning and end of the novel.  There are also some grammatical errors that stop the narrative at times. However, Ms. Ring rallies early in the narrative and relies on a well-constructed plot and character development to propel her characters through the story.  The twist at the end, while not surprising, is logical in context to the story arc and brings the story to a satisfying conclusion. An interesting array of secondary characters adds substance to the story and flesh out the protagonists nicely. “Escaping Ryan” is a great read with a promise for more to come!

Gwenellen Tarbet