The Enigma Source (The Enigma Series Book 10)

Breakfied and

TECHNO THRILLER:  Su Lin appears to be an ordinary wife helping her husband run their farm in Georgia. But there's a streak of genius in her past—one she left on the other side of the world. Su Lin developed a computer code that enabled her to break into the new world of currency: bitcoin, or crypto-currency. When a group from her home country comes after her, it becomes clear that they want that code for themselves. They will stop at nothing short of bringing her back to China to utilize her abilities for their own gain.

Meet, ICABOD, an AI computer who, along with superior intelligence and access to amazing technologies, has also developed a somewhat human personality. His designers, a team who knows they must rescue Su Lin, joins forces with ICABOD to figure out a way to do that, safely. It's not just Su Lin's life in jeopardy, but the economic stability of the entire world.

Highly complex, this fast-paced story provides not only a thrill ride but also an education in crypto-currency, artificial intelligence, and the dark net. It is book ten in the series, and there are tons of characters—sometimes hard to keep track of them all. The story works as a standalone, however, since its key players are clearly defined. The authors obviously have a solid knowledge of computer science as well as of the possibilities (scary ones!) of the risks posed by evil entities. Excellently written, this techno-thriller will keep the reader constantly wondering who to trust and what will happen next!

FS Brown