Dreams of Gold

Hunter Abramson

From a ballet dancer to an ice-skater, Amaliya Marcell is on a journey to discover some of her hidden strengths that she would have never thought possible. For her ice-skating career, she pairs up with Tyler Linden. Their coach, Gordon, is constantly present in their lives, following their every move. For a pair that has all the right romance cords striking with every passing moment, Gordon does everything in his power to ensure they do not get any emotional imbalance or make some silly mistakes that would cost them their goal of being the world’s best ice-skating pair. Yes. They are headed for the Olympic competitions in Leningrad, Russia. For that, they have to win the nationals in their country, USA. An unfortunate accident threatens to steal their dream.

When the love of a sport comes to life through the thoughts, actions, flaws, vulnerability, and the passion of an unlikely trio, as in this novel, the reader has no option but to keep following its trail through every page. Author Traci Hunter Abramson’s ability to create realistic scenes and characters that any reader would admire seeps through every page of “Dreams of Gold”. Even for the reader who knows nothing about ice-skating, this plot-driven story ensures that everyone has a warm seat at the front row of all the excitement and nerve-racking moves that come with the sport. Other than some minor grammatical hitches, one cannot help but keep rooting for the pair and, surprisingly, the coach who is fighting a couple of fears too. The secrets that Amaliya unearths during their journey add an exquisite thread to the overall beauty of the book. 

JM Lareen