The Dream Jumper's Secret


PARANORMAL:  Tina Greene's life has changed drastically over the past few months. The loss of her husband, coupled with her mother's betrayal and a budding relationship with a former fling, have her head and heart spinning. Because of her recent circumstances, Tina questions her judgment in the relationship department and she is wracked with worry about who to trust and who to keep at a distance. Luckily, her new boyfriend Jamey Dunn is extremely patient, classically handsome, and uniquely talented. Jamey is a dream jumper. His special talent helped Tina find her missing husband; unfortunately, a top-secret branch of the military also covets it. Tina finds herself drawn into the crosshairs of very dangerous men halfway across the world when Jamey cannot get out of a jump.  Tina then risks her body, mind, and heart to hold onto the man she was destined to find.

The characters in this book drive the storyline. Powerfully written and beautifully crafted, the reader falls into Tina and Jamey's life from the very first chapter. Rooting for their happily ever after while holding your breath when danger approached, this book is the definition of a page-turner. The only drawback would be the explanation of dream jumping. Since this novel is a sequel, it was assumed that the reader would know the nuances of his unusual ability; however, as a reader with no prior exposure to this series, there were certain aspects of Jamey's talents as well as backstory between the characters that was left unexplained. Other than that, this novel would still be a definite recommendation for anyone looking for a fun summer read.

Amy Willis