The Detail


Detectives Jessica Foster and Seth Hamilton have been on the hunt for a suspected murderer, Jack Walls. When they are assigned to bring him in to face charges, traveling back home they notice they are being followed by a Jeep. As their suspicion arises, they try to get back quickly, but end up stuck in a dust storm. The next thing they know, their tires are shot out and both Jess and Seth are injured. The two detectives work together to bring Jack Walls to justice, while also figuring out their own romantic troubles along the way.

The tension between Jessica and Seth can be cut with a knife. Dana Wayne does an excellent job writing their story and portraying their attraction to one another. The hesitancy that Jess faces in moving forward is compelling, as the readers get a glimpse of her personal life growing up and the troubles that she has faced. At times, conversations between Jess and Seth seem elementary and forced, which make some pages cringe-worthy. However, the years of romantic tension and attraction may play into the rudimentary dialogue. As far as the action and thrill go, there is much to go around. The hatred in Jack’s voice can be felt through the pages and as the plot progresses, the thrill amplifies until the very end. The ending is done in a way that completed both the romance and the conflict with Jack Walls. Overall, “The Detail” is a nice, quick read that follows the tension between both love and crime.

Sadie Wilson