Desire Unleashed (Desire #1)


Anonymous phone calls and the feeling of being watched unnerve Kathy Bellamy, a school teacher who’s recently moved to Coronado. There’s a predator on the loose and he’s put his sights on Kathy, but her hero is closer than she knows. Shane Jackson, Navy SEAL and confirmed bachelor, likes his women hot, fast and gone until he sees his beautiful neighbor being stalked. All that alpha SEAL courage leaps into action as Shane blows his "love ‘em and leave ‘em" motto out the window, prepared to keep Kathy safe at any cost. 

“Desire Unleashed” is a page turner! A handsome, self-assured man, and a gentle, smart heroine destined for action, suspense and love, what more can a reader ask for? The plot has been done before, but the roll-out of the scenes are not hindered by this. The auxiliary characters are developed and intriguing and with luck, Ms. Macadam will continue with their stories. Action is created like intricate architecture and builds the tension to a fever pitch. This story has a solid foundation and races to the finish line.  The serial killer is a ten on the creepy scale, and the author allows the readers into his warped mind to twist the tension. No matter how much guess work, the reader won’t find out till the end who the killer is.  

Ms. Macadam has more books to write as a new military romance author, and her gatthering fans will look forward to the rest of the squad’s stories.  

Natasza Waters