Desert Heat

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Julia Alvarez is a scientist working on a cure for leukemia. When she exits the building one evening and discovers her colleague murdered beside his car she can’t believe what she sees. After the police arrive and start an investigation, she goes inside to the lab to see if she can find some clue as to the reason for his murder. However, when she opens the drawers in the filing cabinet they’re all empty. All the research is gone. Why?

Max Reilly is Phoenix’s lead detective on the case. There’s more to this murder than meets the eye and he needs to get to the bottom of it before whoever murdered Greg Tanaka gets their hands on Julia Alvarez. His first case after being on medical leave for several months, Max needs to bring his A-game or Julia could pay the price.

This romantic suspense is well-written with a tight plot. The pace is fast with plenty of action and the suspense keeps one at the edge of their seat!  The heat between the main characters is palpable and the mystery of who is orchestrating the whole thing keeps one guessing until the end. A delicious blend of romance and suspense, this is highly recommended for anyone who loves a little excitement along with the heat in their stories!

Carol Conley