Deadly Aim: A Second Chance Military Romance (Bad Karma Special Ops Book 2)


Helicopter Captain Kristie Donovan is on a mission in Columbia where she is extracting a ‘package’ which includes a Special Ops team and kidnapped victim. When the Cartel gets close enough to take aim prior to the team all on board, Kristie takes aim herself and now the Cartel wants her in exchange for the death of one of their men. Leaving Savannah, GA, for another base in North Carolina may afford Kristie her new start. It’s been two years since her husband, who was killed during a Special Ops Mission, and now may be as good as any time to begin again. Will the Cartel hunt her down to find the information they need? Can her team protect her before it's too late?

Ms. Brody has an incredible installment in the Bad Karma Special Ops series. Book two, “Deadly Aim”, is on-the-edge-of-your-seat good. Page flipping excitement from the very beginning. The hero in this story is as deadly as he is brave. The heroine is so likable and down to earth, readers will be on her side immediately. The entire character list is well developed and the plot flows smoothly, even with some predictability it's an amazing story that gives readers a sneak peek into the day in the life of our US Military. Cozy up and grab the entire series, this stands alone, but with all the excitement and drool worthy soldiers, why not read about them all!?

Viola Robins