Dangerous Habit

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Sister Minnie Chance knows there’s trouble ahead and she has only one weapon - a baseball. Her fast pitching skills save her life, but leave her stumped as to why anyone would come after a nun. Before she can learn more about her attacker, she heads to Florida to be by her ailing father’s side. Shocked to see how her father’s been living, Minnie cleans up his home, and not only discovers snippets of mystery, she also encounters random visitors. Minnie begins to wonder who she can trust as she navigates to find the truth. Minnie finds herself not only questioning her father’s past, but also her future.

”Dangerous Habit” is a fun, quick-paced mystery with Sister Minnie who is a hit as a lead character. She keeps the story moving without any drawn out expositions. Cynthia Rogan creates intriguing scenes that match the mystery of how a nun would become involved in a man hunt. The storyline surrounding Minnie’s involvement with the mystery man is a tad cloudy, but all other scenes are solid enough for readers to desire reading more about the fast-pitching nun. Readers will enjoy the kindness and wit amongst the sisters, especially that of Sister Marie.  This story ends with a promise that readers can be sure to enjoy future Sister Minnie adventures. Definitely one to add to the must-read pile of mysteries!

Moira Wolf