Danger Unknown

Kathi Oram

Brooke Steward, the wife of a murdered police officer, is on the run. Brooke’s quick thinking turns into the unimaginable - a car accident - leaving her with a concussion and at the mercy of a good Samaritan, Michael Calder. Michael’s military history not only plagues him with nightmares, but his training as a military medic enables him to help Brooke. Michael’s solace since leaving the military is found in his horses who he trains to help people heal from trauma. Brooke trusts Michael even though her head tells her not to, her heart knows what is right. While Michael’s horses help others heal, Brooke may be who he needs to heal from his own traumas.

“Danger Unknown” will have readers on the run from the beginning. The fear of a mother protecting her child is relatable and convincing. Kathi Oram Peterson skillfully invites readers into the inner thoughts of both main characters. The ultimate plot of why Brooke is on the run is bogged down by other characters who possibly need a story of their own. Unfortunately, the absence of suspense, surprise, and clues may not allow readers the opportunity to solve the mystery. However, there are action scenes that will keep readers riveted to discover that evil doesn’t always win. Readers will love the evolution of Brooke’s and Michael’s relationship in “Danger Unknown”, giving everyone the hope that they, too, will find their own Montana cowboy.

Moira Wolf