The Danger with Diamonds (Falcon Point Suspense #1)

Traci Hunter Abramson &
Sian Ann Bessey

CIA operative Cole Bridger, hopes his brief visit to Vienna between assignments will allow him to reunite with his new-found cousin Lars Hendriks, his model girlfriend Marit Jansen with minimal problems as he searches for a mole in his operation. Unfortunately, the loose diamonds he brings with him, attract the wrong sort of attention. Isabelle Roberts, a fellow agent didn’t know what she’d feel when she reunited with Cole after months of silence. But when a bank robbery interrupts their reunion, Cole, Isabelle, Lars, and Marit are dragged into trouble once again as the Falcon Point jewels are targeted. As the line between Cole’s lives begins to blur and with few people he can trust, it doesn’t take long to realize they might have stumbled on something bigger than anyone could have guessed.

A blend of romance and suspense, “The Danger with Diamonds” is a thoroughly captivating adventure where a beautiful collection of family heirlooms are the catalyst for a great deal of trouble. The story picks up a few months after the adventures of the prequel story and continues the relationships started then. Luckily for readers, this story is self-contained, and while it doesn’t provide much character depth, the pace is quick with high tension and vivid action scenes, plus some nice twists to keep the reader on their toes. Further, the characters are believable and the romances sweet. Fans who prefer a lighter thriller with more tension than blood and a believable mystery will find plenty to enjoy in this excellent read and should add it to their to-read list today!

Sarah E Bradley