Cosmic Trap (A Clay Wolfe/Port-Essex Mystery #4)

There have been some unexplained aerial phenomena, or UAP, in Port Essex, Maine. Clay Wolfe and Baylee Barker, agents in a government task force, work together to try to uncover the truth behind the recent UAP sightings. On top of that, a local woman, Alice Smith, has gone missing and they are on the hunt to find out what has happened to her. Alice’s husband believes she is having an affair and could have simply run off with another man. But is her disappearance just an affair, or is it related to the UAP sightings? Not only has Alice gone off the map, but one by one, every witness of the UAPs is slowly being reported missing. Assassins are also suddenly tracking down Clay and Baylee as they continue to investigate, but why? Are they digging too deep?
“Cosmic Trap” is an engaging mystery with a very creative plotline. This story is packed full of action, adventure, and mayhem! While this book is the fourth in the Clay Wolfe/Port- Essex Mystery series, it can be read as a stand-alone, and readers will have no difficulty
reading it as such. There are quite a few characters to follow throughout the story, so readers may have a difficult time keeping track of them all. They are also not very relatable characters, which leads to a lack of interest in what happens to them. However, “Cosmic Trap” does have a very interesting and unexpected plot twist. Readers who love mystery with science fiction, a little bit of romance, and witty banter are sure to enjoy this story.
Jennifer Shepherd