Code Name: Kayla’s Fire (A Warrior’s Challenge, Book 2)


Kayla Banks and SEAL Captain Thane Austin are back in this book that has Kayla still being hunted by a serial killer called the Blood Shark.  Thane is determined to keep his stubborn Snow White safe, and equally determined to make her his permanent girlfriend, but although there’s no denying the physical attraction between them, Kayla is hesitant to make a commitment to the SEAL warrior.  Suddenly, there are other men from Kayla’s past popping back into her life, and Thane will have to fight even harder to keep her by his side.  He has never failed at a mission – will Kayla be the one to break his streak?


There is a lot going on in this book, and it is to the author’s credit that the multiple plot lines flow together so seamlessly.  The inclusion of Nina, another female character, is a nice addition, giving Kayla a girlfriend to confide in.  This volume contains less action than the previous one, but has all of the emotional angst and then some.  In fact, the emotional tug-of-war between Kayla and Thane is the biggest problem in the story.  Readers may become thoroughly vexed with all the see-sawing back and forth the characters do.  Beyond this, it is obvious the author knows her way around a SEAL team, and the reader cannot help but get drawn in like a member of the extended family.  There are plenty of reasons to cheer for the heroes before the last page is turned.  


Leslie Stokes