Claiming Annie's Heart


Life is a series of decisions. Unfortunately, Annie Foster did not make the decisions that formed her life; her choices were taken out of her hands. Shipped away to Ireland to live in an abbey by her overbearing father, Annie lost more than her home when she left Texas; she lost Chad Jones, the love of her life. In order to survive, Annie accepted the effects of her relocation and made a new home for herself in Ireland - one without any nostalgia from Texas. With a new fiancé, a large group of friends, and a stepdaughter, Chad's reappearance in her comfortable life was an unwelcome intrusion. As Chad and Annie spend more time together, Annie is forced to reassess her new life and decide whether or not to finally leave her old one behind her. 

The setting of the story gives the story authenticity and appeal. The misty weather, quaint Irish pub with Gaelic music being played, and the Catholic Abbey that offered Annie refuge were as picturesque as an Irish postcard. The author's knowledge of this foreign land enriched the tale; however, the slow pace of the story arc detracted from this reader's enjoyment. With too many romantic twists and a somewhat awkwardly-fitting element of a terrorist organization woven into the weft of the story's fabric, the romantic focus of the story took a backseat at times. Although the road to the end of Annie's story was a bit long, it was still a worthwhile read with a hot cup of tea.

Amy Willis