Chasing Memories (Forevermore #2)


India is desperate to get away and is fighting to get back her memories after a traumatic incident. She takes a job at a hotel development overseen by Lucas Morgan.

Lucas Morgan is trying to get as much information as he can about the hit and run accident that killed his Grandmother. He’s sure that India Leone, involved in the accident and suffering from retrograde amnesia, had something to do with it. She is desperate to get away and to get her memories back, she accepts Lucas' offer of a position with his company. Neither of them expects to fall in love. As they go through the motions of fighting their feelings, secrets come to light that could doom their relationship before it even begins. 

This book has the perfect blend of mystery and romance! India is dealing with a lot; her character is portrayed so well that the reader feels her struggle. Anna James has done thorough research on amnesia and what someone goes through who suffers from it. Character tension is excellent, as is the gradual romance. The story builds well and keeps the reader engaged until the climax - however there could have been more conflict between the two main characters. The sex scenes are flaming, descriptive and in depth. They will certainly leave the reader feeling hot under the collar! Overall, this is very good novel with the ideal blend of romance, tension and mystery. The second in the Forevermore Series, this novel will send readers running for the first installment! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick