Chasing Arlo (Genoa Mafia #5)


Since her sixteenth birthday when she got to choose her dance partner, Layla’s heart has always belonged to Arlo.  Arlo is a soldier in the family business and, although not blood, is respected by the family. Since Layla is the eldest daughter, she is next in line to take over her mob family business. A certain Russian mobster wants her, but when he is denied by her, he takes revenge. Layla is in trouble and Arlo makes it his job to keep her safe. She knows her father won’t approve of her choice, but her heart has never wavered. Now spending time together daily, there is no escaping the love that blooms within her for Arlo. Can he keep her safe and keep the mob-boss daddy happy too? 

The Italian and Russian mobsters are up to no good! This action-packed adventure starts with a bang and will keep readers on the edge of their seats. An abundance of characters kicks things off, and reading the series’ other books may help readers grasp where this story begins. Layla is one strong and determined heroine and will earn respect as the story grows. In true crime-family fashion, there are some graphic beatings while dealing with the enemy. The secondary cast keeps a steady showing throughout the book and rounds out many family ties. In this fifth book in the Genoa series, some predictable scenes arise, but readers who are fans of the Soprano series, will definitely want to cozy up with this series! 

Viola Robins