Cash Valley

Mr. Ryan K.

Agent Travis of the FBI is green and looking to prove himself. When he gets an anonymous tip about the long-standing cold case for the Cache County Bank robbery, he can’t resist checking it out, despite the potential dangers it poses. He will soon meet Jack and Kate, two star-crossed lovers, are either in real danger from the band of thugs who allegedly robbed the bank, or playing Travis for a fool.  Travis will be put through the ringer to test his training, fortitude, and intuition.  Is he really cut out for the FBI and can he crack this case? 

Set in the 1950s of rural back-country Utah, this was a thoroughly enjoyable read from beginning to end.  The reader is pulled along with the same emotions and trepidation that agent Travis is feeling as he attempts to solve this case.  As he further engages with Jack and Kate, part of him feels they are above board, but there are also little details that just don’t add up.

The characters in "Cash Valley" are engaging and invoke strong emotions in the reader in every chapter.  The reader is given heroes and heroines to fight for, and villains to loathe.  By the time the reader reaches the end, one is completely satisfied and also left wanting to keep reading about these wonderful characters and the next journey of their adventure.  

MB Rose