The Capture (The Griffin Force #3)

Julie Coulter

As head of the Griffin Force, Julian’s main concern is finding his love, Zaya Altes.  When his team finally discovers her she is not the same, and Julian wonders if they can ever overcome the trauma Zaya has suffered at the hands of terrorist Nazer al Raimi.   Although she is out of the grasp of her captor, nightmares haunt Zaya's mind and the abuse she endured altered her body, leaving her filled with the fear she will never be the same again.  When the possibility of catching Nazer presents itself, Zaya and Julian must put aside their fears for the sake of the mission.

"The Capture" is an intense, action-packed story that will have readers on the edge of their seats until the dramatic conclusion.  The story begins in a prison cell, and readers will be drawn to Zaya's desperation and anguish. The first glimpse into Julian’s mind reveals the extent of his love for Zaya and his desire to find her, which will endear him to readers.  The research on military jargon and the effects of PTSD are spot on.  Nazer is a perfect villain from the first chapter and the reader will cry for justice along with the characters.  The rocky romance between Zaya and Julian brings a sweet break from the intensity of war without overpowering the main plot.  The only issue is that the story ends far too quickly, leaving readers wanting more.  From the first sentence, Ms. Bellon pulls the reader into a wild chase from the deserts of Afghanistan to the heart of London!  

Amy Cefoldo