The Captain (Griffin Force 2)

Julie Coulter

Brenna is working undercover for Griffin Force and has been sold as a slave to Nazer. She dutifully does as she is told and works quietly in his household. In this way she can overhear his conversations and is able to get valuable information about his plans. She has a contact at the local market and is able to pass this information on to her superiors.


When she is told to take water to a room she knows is used for interrogations, she is shocked to find Captain Colt Mitchell there. He has been captured and beaten by Nazer's men. Colt and Brenna have a long history together and were once very close. Brenna knows she must free Colt because her position in Nazer's household has now been compromised. When Colt wakes up, they plan their escape. Just when they think they are free and in the clear Brenna is missing. Colt then begins his mission to save the woman he realizes he still loves.


Julie Coulter Bellon takes the reader on a magnificent journey filled with all the sights and sounds of the Middle East. The author not only thrills the reader with the twists, turns and horrors of espionage but also gives many insights into why someone would risk themselves to live this kind of life. The supporting characters are fleshed out and made real by giving the reader a little bit of their background. Also she tells us why they are either in Griffin Force or helping out in their own countries. Ms. Bellon provides a riveting story filled with excitement, intrigue and love!


Rose Mary Espinoza