Bye, Bye Bones (A Cassidy Clark Novel - Book 1)


Cassidy Clark, a private eye and crime novelist, is hired by the Tucson PD to assist on the investigation of a possible serial killer. Independent, successful, and beautiful women have gone missing without a trace throughout the normally peaceful suburb. Stumped by the lack of connection between the victims or evidence left behind, Cassidy and her team pull out all the stops in order to solve the mystery; however, Tucson's crime spree spirals out of control with the stalking of a divorcee by his heiress ex-wife and a few poisonings. The addition of several unusual occurrences threatens to upend her progress, and Cassidy is left piecing together an impossible puzzle. Will she find the culprit before she becomes next on the killer's list?

From the first page of the book, the reader will be immersed in a dark mystery. Twists, turns, and dead ends are woven throughout the plot as in any respectable mystery/suspense novel. The plot goes awry with its pacing, however; some sections were drawn out and lengthy making the reader trudge through areas of the text while trying to keep details and clues straight.  Once adjusted to the change in pace the ride was an enjoyable and challenging adventure in sleuthing. Cassidy Clark's character is written in a fresh way, which creates a rejuvenated ideal of a gumshoe. Unlike the reclusive, maladjusted detective archetype, Cassidy emerges as a person one would like to meet and chitchat with over a cup of coffee and a good book.

Amy Willis