Burning Justice (K-9 Special Ops, Book 2)


Gemma Stone is an insurance investigator in Colorado, a transplant from Brooklyn, New York. Her family owns and runs a deli, and it’s a local favorite. Her parents and brothers are often searching out customers for matchmaking attempts, much to Gemma’s chagrin. She purchased an old Victorian home she’s renovating and her work does not leave her much time for dating… let alone a fix up! Brett Tanner is an ATF agent whose partner is a K-9, Blaze, who specializes in discovering accelerants. They are a highly talented team and communicate without words often. Working with Gemma and her detailed research and knack for organizing information makes them explosive. They are on the hunt for a serial arsonist, and if they don’t act fast, they both could very well be the next victims.

Holy smokes, grab an extinguisher! The handsome alpha ATF agent combined with the strong-willed, independent woman gets the heat rising quickly in “Burning Justice”. Tee O’Fallon deserves kudos not only for an amazing page flipping plot, but also her in-depth research and presentation of a litany of complex criminal scenarios. The supporting cast holds the hero and heroine together with continual support, and guides the readers through sub-plots that weave together beautiful family situations that many will relate to. The addition of an affectionate and highly trained dog (who kinda steals the show sometimes!) and a goldfish brings these two tattered souls together and keeps them grounded. Subjects including mental health, PTSD and burn victims may be some triggers, however all are delivered in a delicate and dignified manner. A fabulously written unputdownable tale from beginning to end!

Viola Robbins