A Bucket Full of Lies

Robert K.
Swisher Jr.

Bob Roosevelt is an inept private investigator at 62 on his way through Iowa for a fishing vacation in Colorado. Stopping for lunch at Greasy Ed's in Des Moines, Roosevelt runs into an old friend from his hippie days. When the friend, Sam, invites Roosevelt to his home to meet the wife and kids, Roosevelt's vacation takes an unexpected detour which will require a fair amount of sleuthing and experience from Roosevelt's veteran years to solve more than one crime.  
In “A Bucket Full of Lies,” Swisher takes a unique and entertaining stance to the writing art.  Rather than giving the reader a feel for the main character, Robert Swisher uses Roosevelt's irreverent and lecherous Guardian Angel as the device to apprise the reader of Roosevelt's deeper thoughts. The dialogue between Roosevelt and his Guardian Angel is amusing, but can feel contrived and at times detracts from the story.  Characterizations are thin and lean on stereotyping while Roosevelt bumbles his way through cases law enforcement ignores, apparently with no interest or intentions of looking into. The grammar is in need of improvement and will jar one out of the story some. Still, the unique perspective and creative writing style is fresh and fun.
Erin Murdock