Borrowing the Doctor (The Collins Brothers #2)


Kate Sparrow could be described in one word - trouble. As a renowned party girl and paparazzi favorite, Kate Sparrow led a difficult and lonely life. Hated by her family because of her reputation and outrageous antics, when her sister invites her to her wedding she has many warnings. Not one to leave things to chance, Kate's sister tasks Daniel Collins as her rowdy sibling's babysitter. Once on board, danger stalks Kate. Compelled to protect his charge, Daniel's feelings of protectiveness are not the only ones blooming. With a fashion empire and their futures at stake, Daniel and Kate band together to ensure their happily ever after.

Forced into a persona she never wanted and a life of solitude, away from familial scheming, Kate was a reluctant damsel in distress - a sassy heroine with great potential. However, her inner struggle with asking for and accepting help stretched the length of many of the rising events unnecessarily. Another example is the building of Kate and Daniels's relationship:  though the attraction was instant and hot and sparks flew, their initially reluctance over a lasting relationship made their instant desire to wed the square peg in a circular story. After three cycles of meeting danger, being kidnapped then saved, the final assailant was guessed with little fanfare. The story was a fun read but might have been stronger if shorter.

Amy Willis