Blue Horizon

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Ever have a bad day on the job? Elena Davidson’s day went from a fun adventure in a foreign country to a nightmare. Being kidnapped by terrorists who want the top secret info she has about her job is bad, but what’s worse is they are willing to do anything to get it from her. She knows that “Blue Horizon” is a secret she has to keep even if it means death, because it could put the entire world in danger. Secret missions are never easy, but this one may prove to be the hardest mission Beckham Connors has ever been on. Rescuing Elena Davidson is hard enough, knowing that if she can’t make it out or if she refuses to get out, he will have to kill her, makes this one crazy job. Add the fact that every time he turns around the enemy finds them - someone doesn’t want either of them to get out alive.

Can Beckham convince Elena that he is there to help her, will this wild adventure bring them closer or be the very end of them both? J.L. Hammer has given readers a sandy adventure through the desert, with a secret ops type mission in “Blue Horizon”. Readers will find themselves on a roller coaster ride of emotions, from happiness, to terror, loneliness, excitement, anxiousness to love. The emotions alone are a journey, but only a part of a well- written book that leaves no stone unturned.  The book was a little slow at times and it was too short to completely satisfy, but that didn’t stop this book from being very captivating!

Melody Prat