Blood Truth (Rick Cahill #4)


P.I. Rick Cahill gets a call from his former girlfriend, Kim, who asks him to investigate her husband to see if he is having an affair. As he follows her husband Jeffrey around, Rick's life gets more and more complicated — things like missing women, old vendettas and a safe, hidden in the floor of his father's house. Things ramp up quickly and as all of these threads come together, Rick enlists his assistant Moira to help.  When things turn south and Rick is in real danger, will he be able to unlock the secrets someone will kill to keep?

Rick Cahill is complex character with many layers. He fights for truth and justice and may bend the rules a bit to get the answers he needs. “Blood Truth” takes readers on a journey with many twists and turns on its way to a fantastic ending. It is part of a series and stands alone for the most part; however, bits of Rick's past about his wife's murder are never fully addressed for those who have not read the series. The subplots and the additional characters round out the book nicely, and keep readers turning the pages. The hero has lost much in life, and his one friend Moira — a kick in the pants — may be his latest loss. The love between father and son is the backbone of this book. Praise to Mr. Coyle for leading us all to the truth.

Viola Robins