Kylie James is a country music star, a divorcée and a broken soul. Ten years ago, after her husband Noah had come back from Iraq with PTSD and he pushed her away. Now he’s back in her life heading up her security, trying to find the new stalker imitating the one already behind bars. Dealing with the stalker is easy compared to the pain of having Noah back in her life, but she doesn’t have the strength to send him away. Two broken souls - one dangerous situation. Will they survive?


One must be prepared for a heart ripping experience while reading this 10 hanky chronicle of pain, regret, struggle and fragile hope. Kylie and Noah’s struggles feel as if they are one’s own. Yes, there are problems that need to be resolved and plenty of pain to go around, but there is also infinite love and hope aplenty. The characters bleed so profusely, the reader expects the pages to be saturated. Kylie’s song lyrics interspersed throughout the story add a poetic insight into her soul. The stalker aspect is a small part of the narrative compared to the journey Kylie and Noah are undertaking, but it’s an important part nonetheless. While there are times when the protagonists display a petulant irresponsibility unbefitting two adults well into their 30s, they are a small part of the overall story. When the last note is sung this beautifully written struggle-filled romance will leave a song in one’s hear.

Caution readers, this novel does contain graphic language.


Carol Conley