Between Midnight and Dawn


Decades ago, Kyle’s mother was tortured and murdered by a man who became a serial killer. Forced to take a vacation after naming someone without having proof, Kyle follows the man as he begins to stalk a woman Kyle believes to be his next target. Nicole has already survived being attacked by her boyfriend and is trying to rebuild her once peaceful life. Thinking Kyle only wants to be a tenant for her small rental house in her backyard, she has no idea she’s a target for death. 


This is not a tale where readers are trying to find the bad guy—the killer is known from almost page one—instead readers will be rooting for Kyle to figure out how he is going to prove it after decades of not being caught. Nicole has already been hurt when the story starts and she is on her way to healing. However, when an issue as large being unable to hear anything is written into a character, dialogue and actions cannot be written normally. A character who can’t hear someone beating on her door simply will not be able to have a normal conversation, yet no mention of any “unusual” behavior or actions, such as having to write notes back and forth is ever used. Kyle’s use of Nicole in his investigation is forgiven a little too easily. Readers will fall in love with a wonderful cast of characters, all with strengths and flaws the complement each other. Readers will be on the edge of their seats while watching the nail-biting actions unfold until the bad guy is caught.


Julie York